Choose your base:

A grain mix fermented, to create

a traditional savoury flatbread


Steamed fluffy long grain white rice, the perfect alternative to Injera

Choose your Wot (Stews) :

Spicy red lentil stew simmered with our traditional Ethiopian special spice mix ‘berbere’ (S)


Yellow split pea stew seasoned with turmeric, onion, garlic and garnished with sliced jalapeño


Freshly chopped kale, lightly steamed, stewed and seasoned with onion, garlic and herbs


Carrot & potato chunks stewed with onion, garlic turmeric and seasoning

Inigudayi Tibs * NEW*

Mushroom stew, infused with mixed with peppers, onions, ‘berbere’ (S) and Ethiopian vegan clarified butter  


Roasted and grounded chickpea stew, 

simmered with special spices (M)

Decide how many Wot items:
4 item combo                     8.00
5 item combo                     8.50
6 item combo                    9.00
Add sides or extras to your order:
Timatim                                              3.50

Ethiopian special salad, made with, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, olive oil and green pepper

Sinig Karya                                         3.50

X 3 Ethiopian classic side of green chillies stuffed with seasoned onion & tomatoes (S)

Kinche                                                 3.50

Cracked bulgur wheat cooked and with our special spice mix ‘berbere’ (M)

Extra Injera                                         .80

Ethiopian flat bread per roll

Extra Ruz                                             2.00

Long grain white rice per portion

(S) Spicy    (M) Mild  

If you have any food allergies or dietary requirements please let us know

Your meal will come with a portion of rice or 2 pieces of injera, extras are there if you would like more

Menu and prices will vary depending on types of orders for example market stall vs delivery 

*Please also note that COVID safe measures are taken from the start of preparing your food up until delivery. 

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