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vegan food

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About us

We are a family business, celebrating our Ethiopian culture through traditional rich vegan recipes.

The name Fikre originates from Ethiopia meaning ‘my love.’ We use this concept to share our love of Ethiopian traditional food and cultural heritage.

Fikre is also the name of the amazing chef and matriarch behind the dishes we prepare, serve and sell.

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Since 1989

Fikre's genuine passion and knowledge for preparing vegan food started when she was growing up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The youngest of seven children, she would help her mother prepare spices and herbs to feed the family every Wednesday and Friday. These days are traditional ‘fasting days’ in Ethiopia where people eat only plant-based foods.


Fikre moved to London in 1989. She has raised a family of three to embrace Ethiopian culture not only through food but also through language, morals and tradition. 

She continues to prepare Ethiopian vegan food every Wednesday and Friday and still regularly receives ingredients sent from Ethiopia.

The culture


Having lived in Hackney for over 20 years Fikre and her family have witnessed the cultural changes in the area. 

With this in mind Fikre wanted to bring more than a vegan food offering, and build a community that can appreciate life as an Ethiopian East Londoner. 

Ethiopia is located in East Africa. The vibrant rich culture varies from food, music, clothing and many long-lived traditions.

Ethiopian society is organised around food and coffee with ceremonies used to bring families and friends together, up to three times a day in traditional households. An invitation to attend a coffee ceremony is considered a mark of friendship respect and love.